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Beautiful Patio Balustrade Ideas

5 Beautiful Patio Balustrade Ideas

Balustrades are not just a great way to keep areas on your property and within your home safe, they can also bring an element of style to a particular space.

With a variety of options available from post and rail balustrade systems to wire rope systems to frameless channel and frameless spigot balustrade systems, there is a balustrade system to compliment any patio or decking area.

There are also a variety of materials to choose including stainless steel, anodised aluminium, and glass, allowing you to create a customised and dynamic balustrade system that will enhance your patio area.

Why choose a balustrade system for your patio?

First things first, a balustrade system is primarily there for the safety of you and anyone else using your patio area. Balustrades are necessary for any patio or decking area where there is a height of 600mm from the ground or another platform to the patio or decking. It provides a safe barrier to prevent falls. So, safety should be the primary concern before aesthetics. However, that does not mean you can’t have a balustrade system that compliments your patio or decking and is appealing.

At Trade Balustrade, all our balustrade systems are designed to not only provide a safe and secure barrier but to also look great wherever they are installed. We stock many standard balustrade elements such as posts, but we are also able to design bespoke balustrade systems and fabricate them in house, creating a balustrade system unique to you and your home.

There are a variety of finishings available to choose from to match the patio or decking area you require them installed on too. You can choose from satin or mirrored (for extra durability) stainless steel posts and rails, brushed anodised aluminium, and toughened or laminated glass with a variety of thicknesses from 6mm to 21.5mm.

5 beautiful balustrade ideas to enhance your patio or decking area

Without further ado, let’s look at some great ways to enhance your patio or decking area, giving it a little extra character, and creating a beautiful space you can be proud of.

Wire Rope Balustrade System

Wire rope balustrade systems can add a beautiful contemporary or industrial style to an external area, especially if you have matching contemporary or industrial style patio or decking furniture. They look especially attractive installed in areas with plenty of steps and can set off natural stone walls and slabs nicely too with the stainless steel contrasting well with the stone. Another great application for a wire rope balustrade system is when paired with wooden sleepers or large planks, complimenting the contemporary, industrial style of the wood with the steel wires of the balustrade system.

One thing to bear in mind with a wire rope balustrade system is that they are not always suitable for residential settings. We would advise checking with your local building control first before deciding to purchase a wire rope system.

Frameless Glass Balustrade

 A frameless glass balustrade system can help to make a space feel more open and relaxing. Frameless glass balustrade systems let more light into the area and allows you to enjoy uninterrupted views of your garden, or the countryside around it.

Traditional barriers such a fencing and wood partitions can make an area feel boxed in and restricts the view, but with a frameless glass balustrade system you get the benefit of a safe and secure barrier without the restrictions.

Pair your frameless glass balustrade with some greenery and you have a beautiful relaxing area to enjoy the sunshine in the warmer months and make your patio or decking feel bigger and more open.

Post And Rail Balustrade

Modern and stylish, a post and rail balustrade system provides the benefit of creating a more open space for your patio with its glass panels as well as providing the sleek stainless steel finish. 

If your patio or decking area is particularly high, post and rail systems provide a beautiful and comfortable spot to lean against, rest your arms on (perhaps with a hot or cold drink in your hand?) and look out over your garden or the views the elevated position provides.

If you like to entertain, pair the stainless steel post and rails with a complimentary BBQ and furniture and let your guests rest against the rails, enjoy the space and the views, and chat away with each other.

The Ultimate Balustrade System

Combining the open, unrestricted benefits of the frameless glass balustrade system with the sleek, contemporary, and beautiful satin or mirror polished finish of stainless steel posts, the ultimate balustrade system provides the best of both worlds.

Allow more light onto your patio or decking area and enjoy a clearer view of the surrounding area with the toughened glass panels but include the smooth, clean finish of rounded stainless steel posts.

This systems pairs perfectly with patio slabs or tiles around swimming pools.

Tinted Or Frosted Privacy Glass Panels

If your patio or decking area is at the front or side of your property and you’d like to make the most of your outdoor areas without every passer by peering in, privacy glass panels are a great way to add a sense of privacy.

Not only do they help screen your property from prying eyes but they can also look elegant and refined, adding character and style to your property.

Paired with attractive plants; decking; or wooden, stone, or metal features, tinted and frosted privacy glass balustrade panels can add a sense of beauty to any outdoor area, making your space enjoyable for you and attractive for anyone that sees it.

If you’d like to discuss how to add beauty and style to your patio or decking area with the right balustrade system, get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to offer advice and assist with your project.

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