Toughened & Laminated Glass


Our glass is manufactured in the United Kingdom, fully compliant with British and European standards. We offer a fast turnaround and very competitive prices on toughened and laminated glass.

As standard, all of our bespoke glass comes clear with 5mm radius corners and polished edges. Up to 4 Drilled Holes included.

• Shaped, Angled and Cut Outs Available
• Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Use
• Manufactured in the United Kingdom
• Wide Range of Finishes Available
• Panel Sizes up to 4000mm x 1750mm

Material Glass
Finish Toughened or Laminated
Sizes Made to Order
Thickness 6mm / 8mm / 10mm/ 12mm / 15mm / 19mm / 11.5mm / 13.5mm / 17.5mm / 21.5mm
Usage Indoor / Outdoor
Availability 7 – 21 Working Days

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Toughened Glass Pricing

Thickness Price (Per Square Metre)
10mm Toughened £75
12mm Toughened £95
15mm Toughened £165
19mm Toughened £205

Laminated Glass Pricing

Thickness Price (Per Square Metre)
11.52mm Laminate £160
13.52mm Laminate £162
17.52mm Laminate £186
21.52mm Laminate £198


The style of balustrade system you use will dictate which glass thickness is suitable for each given scenario. For more information, check Building Regulations Document K.

For specific advice on any of our systems and glass, contact one of our team.

Ground Level / Below 600mm Drop

Post & Rail 10mm Toughened
Ultimate 10mm Toughened
Smart Channel 12mm Toughened
Spigots 12mm Toughened
Stand-Off Buttons 12mm Toughened

At Height / Above 600mm Drop (Internal)

Post & Rail 10mm Toughened
Ultimate 11.5mm Laminated
Smart Channel 17.5mm Laminated
Spigots 17.5mm Laminated
Stand-Off Buttons 17.5mm Laminated

At Height / Above 600mm (External)

Post & Rail 10mm Toughened
Ultimate 11.5mm Laminated
Smart Channel 21.5mm Laminated
Spigots 21.5mm Laminated
Stand-Off Buttons 21.5mm Laminated
Framed Balcony 10mm Toughened
Frameless Balcony 21.5mm Laminated

The Important Parts

When orderin glass, please read over our terms and delivery process to ensure there are no surprises during any part of the process.

The below links will give you everything you need to know. If there is anything else you are wondering, contact one of our team.

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Framed Systems

Our traditional Post & Rail system is compatible with 10mm toughened glass, proving to be the most cost effective balustrade solution.

Find out more about our framed balustrade systems.

Framed Post & Rail balustrade system on internal staircase

Frameless Systems

For the moder and stylish look, a frameless system with lamianted glass looks the part while giving the highest level of safety.

Find out more about our frameless balustrade systems.