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Balustrade Support Fixings

Add extra support to your balustrade posts


Some people like to add a little extra support to their balustrade posts, particularly if they have any concerns due to high winds in their area, are at a particularly high heigh, or anything else that could adversely affect the support posts. This may especially be the case if you are using 1800mm high balustrade posts.


Fix your balustrade post to a wall or other vertical surface using spare tube, adapters, and wall flanges


All you need to add extra support when a balustrade post is near a wall is a tube adapter, an extra piece of tube cut to size, and a discreet wall flange.


Simply attach the tube adapter to the balustrade post at an appropriate height (for a single support fixing, we would suggest about midway between the glass clamps). Then attach the discreet wall flange to the wall at the same height and connect the two using the extra piece of tube cut to the correct size. This will provide an extra brace for your balustrade post, increasing the stability and making it more secure.


You can add more support by increasing the number of support fixings. For example, on an 1800mm high post, you could add support fixings a couple of inches above and below the bottom and top glass clamps respectively. 


Increase support at the top of the balustrade post by fixing the handrail to the wall


You can add further support to your balustrade posts if you are installing a balustrade system with a handrail by fixing the handrail to the wall using a discreet wall flange.


This adds support at the top of the balustrade using the handrail as well as further support down the balustrade post using the post adapters, spare tube, and discreet wall flanges.


If you’d like any further assistance with your balustrade system or would like to discuss an upcoming project and what systems or techniques would best suit your application, feel free to get in touch with the Trade Balustrade team.

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