If it’s a banister rail replacement, just measure your existing one. If it’s a new banister/handrail you would measure from the top nosing of the stairs to the bottom nosing.
Yes, it can go on either wall you will just need to turn it around, length-ways.
Handrails generally provided are 42.2mm in diameter as this will comply with DDA regulations. However, we can also supply handrails in 48.3mm. diameter.
In accordance with current UK Building Regulations they should be 1100mm high, but 900mm high on stairs.
Our handrails are straight. If you required a radius or spiral this can be done by a specialist tube bender. We can discuss this should the need arise.
The tubes have an outside diameter of 42.4mm and 48.3mm.
In most cases our systems will comply with the current Building Regulations, we do suggest however that if you are unsure of your requirements that you check these with your building inspector.