Like all metals, stainless steel will eventually rust. As a corrosion resistant material the speed of this is dependent on the environment and whether or not the stainless steel is protected. For further information on how to maintain your stainless steel handrails or balustrade systems visit our Product Guide Downloads page.
Earthing is unnecessary with our stainless steel handrail systems.
Yes, the Loctite® 638 is high strength and fast curing. Joints should be fully cured after 24 hours but if you want to speed up the process Loctite® 7649 can be supplied as an activator. Please visit for more information.
All our systems use a push-fit system which and fixed using special adhesive, Loctite 638. We sent our handrail banisters pre-prepared and will only require fixing to the wall. Our balustrade systems will have upright posts with base plates already welded to the post for your convenience. Glass brackets, tension-write fixing and rail brackets require the tube to be drilled or tapped.