Graphite Grey Base Fix Spigot

two Graphite Grey Base Fix Spigot

Graphite Grey Base Fix Spigot

£133.33 | £160.00 inc.VAT

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£133.33 | £160.00 inc.VAT

Graphite Grey Base Fix Spigot Kit includes:

2 x Graphite Grey Base Fix Spigots
2 x Glass clamp kits (including gasket)
4 x Top Clips
1 x Spanner



The base fix graphite grey spigot has been specifically designed for domestic balustrade fitting, glass fencing, and partitioning.

This fantastic new design has been developed with a strong focus on ease of installation and aesthetics.

The benefits from this spigot is –

  • No need to drill the glass.
  • Only 2 spigots and fixings are required per meter.
  • Vertical Alignment for each glass panel.
  • Suits Glass Thicknesses 12mm – 25mm.
  • Our Quickest System to Install.
  • Extremely Lightweight and Strong.
  • Manufactured using grade 6063-T6 Aluminium.
  • No drainage issues.
  • This system is great for both internal and external applications.

A fantastic modern look ensures clean lines and greater glass visibility.

Our channel-free system allows a 23mm gap between the substrate and glass enabling free dispersal of water and debris such as leaves.

Unbelievably there is no need to drill holes in the glass!

Our glass clamping mechanism removes the need for locking pins to hold the glass.

Amazingly with only two spigots required per meter of glass and only a single bolt per base fix spigot.

This system is currently one of the fastest to install on the market, you will not find a faster system to install.

Make sure each panel of glass is horizontal via the new vertical adjustment device once in position.

The base fix spigot system allows you to tighten to a torque guaranteeing alignment and efficient installation every time.

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