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Frameless Glass Balustrades

Glass Balconies

The reasons for Installing frameless glass balustrading are many, but to name a few, glass lends a very sophisticated and elegant look to any area making the most of any view. It’s an on trend look with a contemporary feel. Glass balustrades act as a windbreak giving a cosy feel to any seating area. Whether being installed in a garden, balcony, restaurant or visitor attraction, glass balconies are often the best aesthetic choice.

Glass Panels

Made with frameless toughened glass our balustrade options are available in any shape or size, therefore ideal for bespoke projects. This is not just a great looking option for your balcony, it’s practical and safe.

Safety Glass

UK safety legislation requires glass balustrades to be made with safety glass. Two types of safety glass are permitted, toughened glass and laminated glass. Toughened glass shatters into small pieces to avoid dangerous shards. Laminated glass does not shatter as it is two toughened panels of glass laminated together so if one shatters then the small pieces stay in place. Our bespoke glass can be supplied in any size to suit your project.

Building Regulations for Glass Balustrades

In all building types other than a dwelling a balustrade is needed; on staircases with more than two risers, where the floor level change is more than 380mm. The dictated height of the glazed balustrade needed will be determined by the building’s use and is detailed in UK building regulations.

In a private residential building a balustrade is needed:

  • At opening windows (expect roof windows in loft extensions, See Building Regulations Part B1) 800mm
  • Internal Balustrades (stairs, landings, ramps, edges of internal floors etc.) 900mm
  • External Balustrades (balconies, edges of roofs, external stairs etc) 1100mm

Stainless Steel Balustrade Components

Strong and durable, stainless steel is the natural partner to glass. It is elegant and timeless, so is welcomed in many modern and traditional interior design schemes.

Polished stainless-steel fittings offer the clean look that many people look for. Bright polished grade 316 stainless steel is the perfect solution for your balustrading near the coast or rivers. Grade 316 stainless steel has brilliant anti-corrosion properties and is sometimes referred to as “marine grade” steel.

Aluminium Balustrade Components

Our Juliet balcony kit and Easy glass Alu kits, contain aluminium components providing protection against corrosion, making them ideal for coastal situations, they’re also much lighter.

Frameless Glass Balustrade Systems

We have a range of frameless balustrade system kits including the Easy Glass View — Juliet Balcony Kit. The Sky Force Juliet Balcony Kit can be quickly and securely fixed to stone, concrete, steel, plastic, aluminium & wooden frames. Fixing bolts and screws sold separately. The Easy Glass Alu – High-Grade Aluminium Railing modular system is easy to set up and can be done exceptionally quickly without any welding. It is maintenance friendly and does not corrode, rust or stain. It is available in top mount or side mount and can be used both internally and externally can be powder coated to any RAL colour you want.

To get a personalized quote for this system email us at [email protected] and provide us with the dimensions of your project.

Check out our entire range of balustrade systems here.

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