Frequently Asked Questions

We supply a number of alternatives including wire cables, stainless steel tube and bars.
Yes, but further mounting holes must be drilled and tapped.
Visit our product guide page for more information on assembling your balustrade, railing or handrail system. For Balustrade orders we pre-drill and tap the uprights for mounting glass clamps and attachments. Drilling, thermal friction (flowdrill) drilling and thread forming processes are done by our in-house CNC automatic drilling machine.
They are finished with a flat capping plug, but we can offer a domed, tapered and multi-groove plugs as well.
In most cases our systems will comply with the current Building Regulations, we do suggest however that if you are unsure of your requirements that you check these with your building inspector.
The large majority of our system are designed to simply slot and glues together. In some cases, you may be required to do some drilling. We would always recommend calling us if you are looking to install one of our systems so we can give any help and guidance on what will be required to fit the components.
Yes, it can go on either wall you will just need to turn it around, length-ways.
Yes, provide us with your email address and we will send that over in no time.